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Sadem is one of the brands of Ozdilek Home Textile Manufacturing and Trade Inc. company, which is among the world’s top 6 towel and bathrobe manufacturers and ranks first in Europe.

Founded in 1971, Ozdilek, makes full integrated production, which includes a wide range from raw cotton to cotton yarn; from thread to textile; from dyehouse to apparel, in its manufacturing facilities.

Having a 46 year-length experience and a proven track record of success in towel, bathrobe and bedding manufacture, Ozdilek takes a step forward with Sadem productions.


Our Vision

To be one of the pioneers, dynamic and leader companies offering high quality product and services with the insight of continuous development in the areas that we operate on.

Our Mission

To be a reliable, effective and innovative company adopting customer oriented service approach.

Our Values

  • To be innovative
  • To be farsighted
  • To be customer and quality-oriented
  • To be trustworthy and honest
  • To be hardworking
  • To believe in team work
  • To value and trust people


ISO 9001 Quality Policy (Textile Production)

  • To place emphasis on human and development of human
  • To make production in line with specifications and standards.
  • To develop continuously.
  • To build our selling policy on the target audience.
  • To make healthy communications in the company.
  • To adopt the thought of "Quality is work of everyone".
  • To have the awareness of the each conducted work means “Development of Turkey”.